Product Series

Multi functional three in one mold

·Cement wall panel machine
·Gypsum wall panel machine
·Composite wall panel machine
Solve the impact of limited single plate unsold sales
Users no longer worry about no market or inventory issues

panel turnover machine

Solve issues such as plate wear and worker safety caused by manual stacking by users, while also improving production efficiency. This is an important link that cannot be missed, and it is recommended not to "save" in this link.


The large-scale mixing system is equipped with automatic feeding, automatic mixing, and automatic measurement. It is automatically mixed according to the preset proportion, and the entire process is completed in one go. The work efficiency is increased by 40% in a straight line. As an important combination part of the partition board production line, we will provide users with a cost price of 10% lower than the market price for a single mixing unit.

Grouting machine

After receiving the full aggregate, walking on the preset fixed track, the target mold is poured, replacing the previous mobile grouting truck to avoid material leakage during the movement process. This is an important upgrade towards automated production.

Jinan Libo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Jinan Libo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Jinan Libo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. National high-tech enterprises, Shandong gazelle enterprises, enterprises above designated size, Winners of specialized and innovative products at the provincial and municipal levels. Experimental practice base of Shandong Jianzhu University. The main new building materials and equipment include: insulation board installation Preparation, wall panel machine, wall panel equipment, composite wall panel equipment, lightweight wall panel equipment, lightweight wall panel production line, and production of external wall removable formwork Line, foam insulation wall panel production line, cement foaming machine, cement fence mold...

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